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Planning Prudently Ahead

Planning ahead

SO, we made it through 2015! Now what?

If you said, the next thing is to “Show 2016 whose The Boss,” then that, my friends, would be the correct response.

As much as we have high expectations for 2016, and the eminent potential for growth that it promises, it is equally as important to set up necessary plans prior our actions. Planning ahead gives us the guideline that will draw us closer to our goals.

Here are a few tips on how to plan in order to get the most out of 2016:

  1. Set SMART goals- These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time-based.
  2. Think on paper– Writing a goal down transforms it from simply being a wish to being a concrete framework that we can work with and hold onto.
  3. To-d0 Lists– Each day brings its own troubles. Making a to-do list enables us to stay focused on the important matters at hand and thus, we become more effective.
  4. Save the date!- Birthdays aren’t the only events that most of us can admit to forgetting. Those NB meetings or doctor’s appointments can also slip our minds at times. A calender gives us a play-by-play for each month, at a glance- leaving little room for those awkward belated birthday messages.
  5. TAKE ACION- Once your plans are in place, do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. Procastination and excuses  are the number 1 theives of time and potential. Do your best, even if you do not 100% stick to plan. Trying to acheive your goals and fallng short is better than possessing the potential of certain succes and sitting on it!
See it. Plan it. Do it


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