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DIY: The Golden Leaf Comb

Comb 2

Accessory statements seem to be bold everywhere this current season. With that in mind I thought it would be fitting to show you all how to make an eye-catching hairpiece of your own. This comb is rather simple to make and extremely useful in the accessorizing department so go ahead and get a little crafty if you will.

What You Need






  1. If you are working with plastic leaves I would recommend using sandpaper to prepare the leaves before spray painting them later on.
  2. Take a single branch and cut off the top leaf.
  3. Cut a fairly long piece of string. I would say around 30 -40 cm.
  4. Pick a second branch of leaves and tie the first branch underneath, positioned slightly below. This will make your branch look longer. In terms of tying: its best to wrap the string around and tie it at various places for a firm hold.
  5. In the same way you’ve tied the branches together, wrap the string around your branches and comb whilst knotting securely.
  6. Once done, you may cut out any string-ends and prepare to spray paint. Spray your comb on one side and allow it to dry for a few hours (I waited half a day) before turning it over to do the other side.
  7. (Optional) If you are like me, you may want to finish off by spraying an additional layer of gold spray paint or varnish.


Golden Comb




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