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  • This is Sparta Fave


    By Fave on August 24, 2015

    THIS IS SPARTA!!! Okay, not really, but it is SUMMER right? As with the start of any next chapter comes new beginnings. Making a storm on the blogging scene (just check your Instagram) it is safe to say that Lace-Ups are soon-to-be summer’s success story. Giving an edgy, sexier twist to the classic ballerina flat, these babies, are definitely a must-have item for

  • Breakfast is Bae- Fave Fitspo

    Breakfast is Bae

    By Fave on July 1, 2015

    Breakfast is Bae. Why? Not only does it help you keep a balanced diet, but it is vital for optimal brain and muscle function. Here are 5 energy-boosting toast ideas to kick start your day!

  • face of fave

    Are you the next Fave model?

    By Fave on March 27, 2015

    Are you an aspiring model? Fave is looking for their next  FACE OF FAVE models to showcase their new Spring/Summer 2015 Swimsuit Collection! This will give you the perfect opportunity to kick-start your modelling career! What are we looking for? Females that are active on social media and have a strong social media following Someone that is outgoing, confident and a natural in front of the camera

  • Welcome to Fave

    By Fave on August 29, 2014

    Every girl must have as many bikinis as she has shoes. At Fave we offer you a variety of swimwear styles to suit your perfect tan. After noticing that many people were unable to find fashionable and trendy swimwear in their local retail stores, the idea of Fave swimwear came about. Fave was started in October  2013  with the vision of becoming  the best